When starting to work with a new client, we like to be fully submerged in the philosophy and identity of the brand. Yesterday, we made a day trip to the offices of Tony’s Chocolonely to do just that. Tony’s Chocolonely strives for a slafe free chocolate industry every day, while offering the most orginal and fun chocolate bars.

What a wonderful day we had while discovering more about this brand. We got to meet amazing people on the Tony’s team. Chain Director Arjen told us more about how the production chain is being managed to ensure slafe free chocolate, the marketing department brought us up to speed about their strategy and what they have achieved in the past (little hint: a lot of great things ) and Sales Manager Frits told us about the current situation in Belgium. We returned to Antwerp with sympathy for their cause, admiration for their commitment, love for their brand and a lot of delicious chocolate.

Thank you to all Tony’s for an inspirational and motivating day. We can’t wait to start spreading your unique and admirable story to the Belgian market and look forward to a great cooperation. Let’s raise the bar!