bloomon Florascope: discover your flower for 2020


New year, new beginnings! Discover what's written in the stars for you, with the Florascope by bloomon - based on the flower fitted to your star sign. 


Your flower: Helenium 'Kanaria'

It’s always nice to have an Aquarius around. The Aquarius is known for their positivity and really enjoys life to the fullest. That’s why we matched you with the Helenium (also known as sneezeweed), with its little happy yellow flowers that draws attention. And just like these happy little flowers, you also have people naturally drawn to you. Keep that positive and realistic outlook on life, Aquarius, it’ll make you swing all the way through 2020.


Your flower: Dahlia

The Dahlia is a multifaceted flower that’s not afraid to show its true colours. Just like you! Pisces are known for their likeable, artistic, multi-talented and attractive character. That’s why the Dahlia is your flower, because they mean ‘forever yours’ and are thé symbol for power and abundance. Romantic partners will describe you as the ultimate romantic which also make you a bit oversensitive. Seize the day Pisces, 2020 will be a fruitful year for you!


Your flower: Celosia

The Celosia really stands out and is recognizable by its stunning colour palette. Red, green, purple or pink: the Celosia is available in all shapes and sizes. That makes this flower the perfect match with the Aries. Why? This flower is the symbol for naughtiness and Aries like a bit of a challenge and excitement. You’re always the life of the party, so never a dull moment with you around. You’ll be in for a colourful 2020!

20 APRIL – 19 MAY

Your flower: Peony ‘Sarah Bernhardt’

This beautiful flower with large leaves and a sweet scent is a real eyecatcher. The flower is symbolic for honour, romance, love, elegance and prosperity. Just like the Peony, the Taurus needs quite a lot of attention. Tauruses are sensitive and fragile. Maybe 2019 was not the best year for you, but you’ll flourish in 2020. Leave all the negativity behind and enjoy a new chapter.

20 MAY – 20 JUNE

Your flower: Heliconia

Is Gemini your star sign? You’re known for living life to the fullest and are bursting with energy. You’re always curious about the world around you. Heliconia is also known as the ‘Olympic flame’ and stands for eternal youth. With its vibrant petals and strong leaves, it’s the perfect match with your own characteristics. Stay grounded Gemini, because conflicting emotions can make you over-stimulated.

21 JUNE – 21 JULY

Your flower: Leucospermum

Is Cancer your sign? Than the Leucospermum is your flower! With its thin long ‘tentacles’ this flower may look prickly but don’t let looks fool you - the petals are actually very soft. Cancers can have a big mouth but have a heart too. Love and trust and care are important topics for you in 2020. With the Leucospermum as a symbol for power and enthusiasm by your side, this will definitely happen!


Your flower: Gloriosa

The Gloriosa is a beautiful flower that is striking by its popping colours and its pointed flower petals, all on a very long stem. Due to its artistic and glorious appearance, this flower suits your strong and spunky personality. Because a Leo doesn’t mind to stand out in a crowd, right? This flower’s nickname is glory lily, which means fame and honour. Which makes total sense, because Leo’s are very trustworthy, loyal and are popular people to talk with. Keep shining in 2020 Leo, but don’t be afraid to show your vulnerable side too.


Your flower: Gladiolus ‘Milka’

Keen, honest, reliable and intelligent are characteristics that suit the Virgo star sign. They value dignity and pride. And that last one is also symbolic for a gladiolus, which means sword in Latin. The flowers stand for power, victory and pride. In 2020 your power will be letting go. Don’t be overly critical of yourself Virgo, that will give you more satisfaction from life.


Your flower: Anemone

Just like this flower you’re a burst of sunshine. The Anemone is easy to spot due to its large flowers with a black heart. This sounds depressing but isn’t of course. Quite the contrary! Caring and honesty are your main things. No surprise that the Anemone is a unique match for the Libra. This flower means ‘I want to be with you’. This probably sounds like music to your ears, because you’re known as a true romantic and conqueror. This makes you a very attractive romantic partner. But tread lightly Libra, be careful with love in 2020. You’re a real charmer, but watch out and don’t break any hearts!


Your flower: Chrysanthemum

The Chrysanthemum is symbolic for friendship, loyalty and honesty, happiness and health. And that’s exactly what you value in friendships and relationships. According to Japanese culture, the flower petal of a Chrysanthemum on the bottom of your wineglass will give you a healthy and happy life. Enough reason to raise the glass this year. Cheers!


Your flower: Allium

The Allium is quite a noticeable flower. Not because of its looks, but mostly because of its scent! If you cut off an Allium diagonally, you’ll discover that it’s part of the onion family. Which says nothing about how you smell Sagittarius but does say something about your adventurous spirit. Because when it comes to being daring, you lead the pack. Just like the happy ball-shaped flower on its very long stem. The Allium is a brave flower that doesn’t give up easily, a character trait you also have in common.


Your flower: Alstroemeria

Alstroemeria is a fiery friendship flower. Shallow, short contacts don’t make you happy. You invest in stable and long-lasting friendships and are always available for your friends to give good advice. That’s why the Alstroemeria is your perfect match. Did you know that all the petals have their own unique meaning? Sense of humour, patience, compassion, understanding, forcefulness and respect. All facets that make your friendships so special. Just be careful that you don’t expect reciprocity because that can leave you disappointed.