These days, big trips to far away countries are mostly out of the question. But a road trip just across the border to Amsterdam, may just be worth your while now, thanks to Tony’s Chocolonely. After years of anticipation, the Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Bar is finally here and it's a dream!

We are always in close contact with the true Tony’s Chocolonely fans at Belgian media titles and we decided there was no time like the present to treat them to an exclusive Tony’s press trip. So with our face masks and hand gels at the ready, we enjoyed a safe trip to Amsterdam in a private shuttle. The streets of Amsterdam were almost empty due to these special times, but upon arriving at the Chocolate Bar, they were instantly filled with an omnipresent aroma of chocolate instead.

We enjoyed a tasting of the surprisingly delicious recipes, like a milk chocolate oat burger with marshmallows, but also s’mores, shortbreads and brownies. In addition to the great food, you can also discover more about Tony’s mission for a slavefree chocolate industry – by solving a huge, interactive puzzle for example.

It was our pleasure to submerge the editors in the world of Tony’s and to read the great articles that followed. We look forward to seeing a lot of choco-fans from Belgium visiting the Chocolate Bar!