I am Brooke, a media and entertainment business student who loves photography and travelling. Last week I started my intern adventure at With love Nans*. I couldn't be happier to be part of such a powerful team.

Because we've been working together for two weeks now, I have already learned some things about Nans and Tasj. For instance, Nans likes to keep us on our toes. Not only does she make sure we run through our to-do’s smoothly, but you can also take that quite literally. When we are quiet for too long, she takes joy in scaring us. An efficient and hilarious way to keep us alert. When it comes to Tasj, I found out that she's doesn’t eat that much chocolate, despite working for the most amazing chocolate brand. But I’m not complaining, more Tony's Chocolonely for me!

All jokes aside, I really look up to these two women. They have a lot of passion for what they do and are so kind to share this passion with me. I have already processed and learned a lot of information in this short period of time, I'm curious what the next few weeks will bring.

Cheers to more wines, more laughs, more campaigns and more learning!

With love, chocolate lover Brooke*