Launch of the new tv season of VIER and VIJF*


One of the perks of our job is discovering the new shows to come on our tv channels, to see if there are advertising opportunities for our clients. Curious as we are, we hopped in to our car and drove off to the destination mentioned on the invite of SBS media group. Upon arrival in Vilvoorde, we discovered more about De Mol, Auwch_, Pink Ambition, Jani gaat…, and so on. Also great to see that Karen Damen won’t be disappearing from our screens, she would have been missed! As always, the previews where worked into a refreshing live presentation, mixing backstage footage with scenes on stage. At the end we were treated with a live performance of the amazingly talented Intergalactic Lovers. We had both fun and interesting talks with the actors, tv hosts and commercial department, while savoring bubbles and bites. Thank you SBS for having us, looking forward to work together this season.