Sure thing, we are back with a brand-new mural by Zenith. You didn’t think we would stop at the monumental mural for our national holiday, did you?

Because we have way more messages to share. And when inspiration strikes, it’s always a great and fun challenge to find a suited blank canvas for Zenith to work on. The sixth mural in the series is called ‘No Pressure, No Diamonds’ and was created in collaboration with Digital Does. Zenith explains:

“In the last months, the world and people went crazy. So, it was time for an antidote. A colorful and vibrant expression of a desire for life.
No matter the weather, it’s up to us to learn and dance in the rain.
This wall is also an homage to the Hip-Hop culture, a culture risen out of pressure just like jazz and blues... Those artforms are not just genres... They are socio, historical movements that document the lives of people in any kind of struggle... They are also a manifestation of commitment, discipline and creativity.”

After working with retail chain AVA at the start of the pandemic, we joined forces once again for this bright mural. Their parking lot in the Brederodestraat is now filled with vibrant colours and meaningful messages by Zenith, so it’s definitely worth a visit if you are in the neighborhood. Let us know what you think!