A few months ago, the story of the young Max crossed our paths. Max is a 6 year old boy that was diagnosed with a severe brain tumor (DIPG) at the end of last year. Doctors in Belgium were not able to help and gave him a few weeks, maybe a few months. After the harsh verdict, Max' parents didn't give up. They searched the world for a treatment that could help their son, and found one of the few hopeful procedures, all the way in Mexico. The first results are promising: he's starting to walk, talk and play again. However, the medical costs for this treatment are adding up to more than 200.000 euros.

That's why his family and friends have decided to initate 'Steun Max', a funding campaign to support Max and his family in his battle against DIPG. On the 24th of September, Steun Max organised a huge benefit together with 'Mama's voor Max'. It is with the most pleasure that our team has been supporting 'Steun Max'. We shared Max' story with national and local media , set-up interviews with Max' family and generated multiple publications in Belgian media.

After working on the project for quite a while, it was heartwarming to hear that the benefit was a huge succes and helped the organisation reach its goal.