By now, we know it’s a never ending story. But take note of this next chapter, because it’s pretty special (even though chances are you didn’t miss this one in the media).

Together with Larsen Bervoets, Zenith created an inspiring work of art for all inmates. Because they are feeling the impact of the current pandemic to.
This mural has no judgement. It is just a desire for harmony and balance. As Zenith himself says “We can do this. Life is beautiful if we make it so for one another”.

It’s been a production with a lot of practical obstacles – you can’t just walk into a prison of course. We will spare you the details, because all that matters is that we are incredibly proud to have realized this incredible master piece. We are still impressed to be part of such a unique team that made this project happen. The vision and talent of Zenith and Larsen Bervoets while creating this mural has blown us away once again. Its beauty simply transforms the whole place and has already sparked important conversations.

This is much more than a piece of art: it might just be the most enlightened way to prison reform.