The time has come, my first day at the office.
Let me introduce myself: my name is Jasmijn and I’m the Dutch Thomas More student who will join the With Love Nans* team for the next 3,5 months. As a Dutchie, most of the brands we work for are - of course - familiar to me. It makes me feel like I’ll fit right in.

I got a warm welcome, with a package full of handy stuff I will need the coming months waiting on my very own desk. And since Tony’s Chocolonely is one of the fun brands I’ll be working on, I got some chocolate of course. I can say goodbye to my new year’s resolutions.

I already survived my first Monday morning meeting despite the fact my head was exploding. #toomuchinformation
I’m sure next week’s meeting will be easier when I dive deeper in the world of sloggi, Zeeman, bloomon, Tony’s Chocolonely and many more. Can’t wait!

With love,
The tea drinker of the team


PS. I heard about the new projects we will be working on the next months and I’m really excited for this!