Tony's Chocolonely gets a Belgian touch*


When Tony's Chocolonely launched in 2005, they made the smart decision to use Belgian chocolate in their bars. Because of this, together with their crazy flavours and serious mission, Belgian people soon started to love the Dutch brand. And the love is mutual, because now Tony's is taking the Belgian touch even a bit further.

First of all, they have created another typical Belgian product, in collaboration with BrewDog: their very own beer! Okay, we will be honest, BrewDog is from the UK, but beer will always be Belgium's biggest passion! Its flavour is based on the white chocolate bar with raspberry and popping candy, so you can imagine what a special taste it has. 

But it doesn't stop there. In the spirit of EURO2020, Tony's decided to wrap their bars in the colours of our country - quite literally. You can order a Belgian bar in the webshop, or you can even create your own unique design. It makes watching the game even sweeter!

We love it when our brands cross the borders and decide to do something special for our market. So tell us, which Belgium-inspired item do you prefer?