Every year, we are counting down the days to the big Tony’s FAIR. Expect not only lots of chocolate, but also the release of Tony’s Chocolonely annual FAIR report with all milestones of the past year and the ambitions for the year ahead. Last week, the theme of the event was to ‘make some noise’.

Tony’s invited inspirational talkers that all have a hell of voice: Hilary Jones, Ikenna Azuike & Sherrie Silver. Chief Chocolate Officer Henk Jan Beltman presented all results, challenges, initiatives and goals of Tony’s Chocolonely inbetween talks. And then, we got to the crazy part.

We raised the roof with Team Tony’s on the beats of ‘De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig’. We are extremely thankful to be surrounded with all these amazing people who make a difference! Only together we can make chocolate 100% slave free, so get on board and make some noise!