One thing that keeps our job exciting and various, is continuously meeting new brands, companies and people. Sometimes we are contacted by brands we never would have imagined, and see a fun challenge right away. That's exactly what happened with Vandromme Finest Meat Products.

This family owned company Vandromme produces the finest meat specialties and is currently looking for a rebranding of its popular BonRill rillettes. Ri-what-now? Rillettes is a velvety, high-quality and traditional preparation that - unlike pâté - cherishes the structure and flavor of the meat. Curious about the heritage of the company, their production site and their communication needs, we visited their factory in Ypres today.

What a pleasure to see where this exquisite delicacy is made, and how much manual, artisan work is put into it. More to come very soon, and we make you one promise - we'll try to make those factory scrubs work better for us on our next visit. For the time being, we advise you to focus on the food pictures behind us.