With the launch of their sneakers and perfume, Zeeman has already had some major succes in Belgium. With a growing number of Zeeman fans because of this, we also wanted the Zeeman fan collection to become as popular in our country as in The Netherlands. How we set out to do this, you might ask? By putting some awesome Belgian ingredients together of course! A Belgian model (Bockie de Repper is a natural!), a Belgian location ├ánd a Belgian photographer, mixed with some Belgian surrealism.

The results are amazing, and we couldn't be more proud of the fact that this collection is available right now on the Zeeman webshop. It's an exclusive and limited edition, so it won't be around for long. We made sure to score our items in time, so if you catch us on a terrace soon, changes are we'll be wearing our brand new Zeeman cult items.

Our special thanks goes out to the amazing Zeeman team: it's a blessing and pleasure to work with you on every collection. And to you dear reader: check out Bockie de Repper's latest post, and those of his friends, because you might just win the entire collection!