In today’s journal, we are so proud to tell you all about a beautiful project we had the pleasure of working on. In the midst of the current corona pandemic, Matthias Schoenaerts aka graffiti artist Zenith, was eager to spread some joy, hope and colour. So we rolled up our sleeves and thanks to the support of retail chain AVA and in close collaboration with Street Art Antwerp, we made all practical arrangements.

For the creation of this unique mural in the center of Antwerp, Zenith joined forces with renowned street artist Steve Locatelli. Let’s spark hope during these times: read all about the inspiration for this graffiti art below, make sure to check the mural in the center of Antwerp, and spread the word.

“Fissures and flaws. Surface cracks and deep scars.
Tangible pangs: Our world is riddled with them.
It hints at breaking, splitting, snapping, but this giant rock never caves to its torment.
This is an homage to our home and the infinite stone it’s yielded us.

I’ve photographed these so-called defects all over the world,
then magnified and painted them somewhere else on the planet.
This is a form of gratitude, announcing there’s glory in imperfection,
triumph in pain and echoed connections everywhere.
One love to all the health workers around the world
putting their life on the line to save others.
The green on the wall is for you,
it symbolises your work garment.”

- Zenith, on the inspiration for the mural